On March 23rd 2017 at Pan Pacific, Ha Noi held the seminar “Innovation in Agriculture”. This is part of the two-day ASEAN+6 Regional Conference on Food Security: Let’s get to work. Building a food secure future” jointly hosted by The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, with a view to translate SDG-challenges into opportunities and global objectives into concrete, clear, effective and concerted regional actions. High-level delegates from governments, international organisations, NGOs, knowledge institutes and the private sector had participated in this seminar.

In the seminar, Amarnath Reddy, CEO of Vietnam Climate Innovation Center (VCIC), one of the four main speakers of the event, expressed his sincerest gratitude towards the organizing committee for creating an open and friendly atmosphere for participants to share, discuss and demonstrate inspiring ideas and examples in agriculture. During his presentation on VCIC, he stated the importance of environmental factor in the food industry, a factor that cannot be ignored in the path of business development, and it is one of VCIC’s missions to address this factor by providing support in the making of High-tech Low-cost cleantech solutions. Regarding to VCIC’s goals, he sentenced that VCIC would create a sufficient number of examples in Vietnam in agriculture and other food-related fields that can demonstrate such successes for other enterprises to emulate. In addition, he emphasized that not only will VCIC focus on cleantech solutions, the project will also promote entrepreneurship, creativity, cooperations along the process for the future of sustainable development.

*Mr. Amarnath Reddy – CEO of VCIC speaking at the seminar

The seminar ended within the consent of participants as new ideas were exchanged in an outgoing spirit, opening up potential coorperation opportunities for businesses and organizations.