In the scene of Startup’s becoming a social issue of special interest, especially the youth, Youth Committee (VTV6) Viet Nam Television Station and the Vietnam Climate Innovation Center (VCIC) have co-operated to organize Startup UniTour. The first number of Startup UniTour took place at Hanoi University of Commerce on August 21st, 2016, opening for series of the Inspiring and Connecting Programs on Creative Startup between the start-up businesses and the community asa whole.

At Startup UniTour, over 3000 students have the opportunities to interact with entrepreneurs, startups in Ha Noi such as Uber, Shopee, Bogo, BetterCre…

*Mr. Pham Duc Nghiem – VCIC PMU Director gives flowers to Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Loan – Vice President of Hanoi University of Commerce

Moreover, they also gained valuable experiences through the Talkshow: Inspiring Talk with a number of successful businessman: Ph.D Le Thong Nhat (Big School’s Managing Director) and Mr. Nguyen Huu Thai Hoa (VNPT Group‘s Strategy Director) in “Understanding Startup Properly” and Mr. Tran Tuan Anh (Shopee’s Finance Operating Director) together with Ms. Bach Duong (Co- Founder of BetterCre Agency) in “Invest in products or PR-Marketing first?”.

*Ph.D. Le Thong Nhat and Mr. Nguyen Huu Thai Hoa in Talk Show part 1: Understanding Startup Properly

In addition to learning valuable lesson and experiences, immersing in 25 out-standing Startup booths’ activities, our potential Startups were able to join Mini Pitching contest- where they competed and achieved huge prizes from the Organizers by giving creative ideas as well as received useful start-up tips from previous Start-up generation.

*The event with the attendance of a large number of students across the area

Startup UniTour has really become the point of attraction for Vietnamese youth in Hanoi, an useful playground, also a bridge to connect startups, experts, communication parties and student community. From the start, being sponsored and organized by VCIC and VTV6, series of Startup UniTour activities has left a strong impression on students with not only its creativity but also the “joy-and-learn” moments that it brought through the event.

“Startup businesses are playing an increasingly important roles in economic development. Therefore, the Government need to accompany with startup support organizations and financial organizations to create a favorable environment for startups to thrive in”, said Mr. Pham Duc Nghiem – VCIC PMU Director.

After this event, VCIC and VTV6 hope that next Startup UniTours will continue to support and promote creativity for young dare-to-think and dare-to-do generation to contribute their ideas to the society, increase startup awareness and continue connecting startups with community.