Startup Facilities

The VCIC will become the focal point of innovative commercial development of profitable climate-related business in Vietnam and potentially South East Asia. As a member of Climate Innovation Center Network, the VCIC will leverage existing practices and experience to support clean technology ventures and industries. VCIC bring to you a set of materials and workshops developed for managers and staff of technology venture incubation and acceleration operations. See the details below:

  1. Access to Finance
    • Identify funding needs & connect to partners 
    • Develop & grow investors network/database
    • Provide access to small grants
    • Provide leverage to secure larger grants and loan funding
  2. Advisory services
    • Mentorship
    • Prototyping and testing
    • Product/service development,
    • Market development
    • Commercialization strategies
    • Legal + IP advisory
  3. Access to markets
    • Create linkages with partners
    • Leverage Government relationships
  4. Access to Infrastructure
    • Provide office and lab space
    • Access to Internet, tech/working space, etc.
  5. Policy Advocacy
    • Support policy changes on behalf of companies
    • Enable positive social and environment impact
VCIC Co-working Space VCIC Trainning Sessions