The purpose of VCIC’s Proof of Concept competition (“PoC”) is to support innovators and entrepreneurs to develop innovative ideas into completed and commercially viable products, technologies or business services. Each and every application is very important in reaching this objective. The aim of the PoC is to identify 15 to 20 applicants as the second cohort of companies admitted to the VCIC that will receive a suite of incubation services to support the development of their technologies. Selected companies may also become eligible for grant funding of up to USD 75,000 to develop, launch and/or scale their products or services, together with a comprehensive incubation service package including training, coaching, mentoring, networking, etc.

The objective of the PoC is to seek commercially viable products/technologies or services for climate change mitigation or adaptation (E.g: Energy saving technologies/devices, water filtering devices, waste disposal technologies, or applied softwares for smart traffic to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, etc.)

  • Energy efficiency;
  • Sustainable agriculture;
  • Water management and purification;
  • Renewable technologies;
  • IT;
  • Other climate-related technology.

The Vietnam Climate Innovation Center (VCIC) is organizing the event with support from the World Bank Group.

Step 1 - Call for PoC applications: The POC competition announcement is published on the Ministry of Science and Technology and VCIC websites, newspapers and other media;

Step 2 - Reception and Screening: The VCIC internal team evaluates applications, summarizes individual ideas into a report and finalizes the short list;

Step 3 – Pre-incubation: The VCIC team delivers trainings for companies on business planning, financing, and pitching, as well as on developing full proposals;

Step 4 – Full Proposal Submissions: Enterprises develop and submit theirsub-project’s full proposals to VCIC;

Step 5 – Evaluation Panel: An independent Evaluation Panel is established to evaluate sub-project’s full proposals;

Step 6 – Submission of summary of selection results to MOST/WB;

Step 7 - Notification and award of sub-grants;

Step 8 – Sign sub-project grant contract;

Step 9 - Incubation: training, mentoring and providing incubation consultancy services; Implementing supporting business development and commercialization services;

Step 10 - Disbursement;

Step 11 - Progress report;

Step 12 - Completion of sub-project.

All applications must be received by 17:00 PM, May 23th, 2017. Please note that this deadline may be adjusted if necessary, and notification will be posted on www.vietnamcic.org.

All applications will be assessed according to the same criteria irrespective of whether they are submitted in English or Vietnamese.  No favorable treatment will be provided for submitting an application in either language.

To apply for the PoC competition, you can apply through the link: www.vietnamcic/apply. Alternatively, you can download the application form from the website and return a soft copy via email to poc@vietnamcic.org or a hard copy to VCIC Project Management Unit, 8th floor, Hoang Sam Building, 260-262 Ba Trieu Str., Hai Ba Trung Dist., Ha Noi. Both Vietnamese and English applications will be accepted.  We strongly encourage applicants to submit their application online to ensure timely processing.

Entrepreneurs, startups and existing companies in Vietnam that are developing an innovative new product and business models within the climate change space.

Note: A consortium of parties may enter the VCIC PoC competition but the application should be made by a lead consortium and all parties of the consortium should be disclosed as part of the application.

An individual applicant will not be required to provide a formal seal or other corporate documents. The applicant will only be required to complete the project registration for the implementation of the sub-project if the applicant is successful in the PoC competition and prior to receiving an award.

The objective of the PoC competition is to find new technologies or business models for climate change mitigation or adaptation. The target sectors have been provided in the application form and application package. There is no preferential treatment for any of the target sectors outlined in the application form. Applicants should ensure their project is climate change mitigation or adaptation related.

An applicant can submit multiple applications for different products or services.   However, an applicant is entitled to receive only one award.

Note: If you are submitting several applications, please make sure the different application forms are numbered properly. This can be done in the business name section.  For instance if the business name is A JSC and you are submitting two applications, you can fill your 2 application forms as follows:

• First application: A JSC 1 in the business name section.

• Second application: A JSC 2 in the business name section.

All applications will be considered based on their merits and assessed against objective criteria by scoring. All applications will be reviewed and assessed by an independent panel that will evaluate them on the basis of their relevance. Applications are not going to be disgarded because applicants have the same initial idea.

All applications are made on a confidentiality basis and all rigorous steps are taken by the PoC evaluation panel to ensure no external parties have access to applications and any sensitive information. All parties involved in the PoC competition are duty bound to act ethically and observe the confidential nature of the applications.

Applicants are expected to provide qualitative and/or quantitative information on the environmental, social, and economic positive impacts of their proposal. An example of quantitative information is 10 direct jobs are expected to be created from the sub-project. Applicants are not required to produce detailed analysis, such as social return on investment, on the non-financial impact areas during the application phase.