Phuong Nam Biotechnology Co., LTD

Biological preparations production for agriculture of Phuong Nam Biotechnology Co., LTD utilizes the source of wort, waste water after distilling alcohol, by-products of alcohol production process - with high nutritional components (starch, fiber, yeast cells, minerals), which do not contain toxic chemicals and contaminated microorganisms, are appropriate to culture beneficial microorganisms to create BIO-HR, BIO-CT, BIO-RL with major components of micro-organisms beneficial for pets and plants

By-product of the alcohol production process is separated into two solid and liquid parts using screening machines, centrifugal machines or presses; solid part is called wet distillery residue (40-70% humidity), with high nutritional value, providing higher energy than corn 10% (calculated on dry weight), crude protein content of about 30%, fat 10% and phosphorus 1%, initial pH of 3-4.