NOVAS Technology Co., LTD

The lighting system to attract fish using LED of NOVAS Technology CO., LTD is a lighting system consisting of 30 (or 50) 150W LED bulbs per ball + 02 submersible 30W green LEDs for use as boat racks + 01 submerged 50m LEDs,lighting radius of 50 m, 1000W capacity used to lead deep fish + 01 small generator, capacity of 10KW.

NOVAS's lighting system helps to save 80% of electrical energy for fishing boats thus saving 60-70% of diesel oil used for each fishing boat (2000-3000litters/month/fishing boat) reducing the CO2 emitted into the air caused by diesel oil burning (one litter of diesel oil generates 3kg of CO2 when burnt). On this basis, one fishing boat will reduce 60 tons of CO2 yearly and more than 40,000 fishing boats in total will reduce 2.4 millions tons of CO2 yearly while increasing the average of each sailor to USD1500/sailor/year (800.000 sailors) and avoid the diseases caused by Metal Halide lamps including eyes diseases and skin cancer.