On June 11, the Workshop introducing the VCIC Connect "Technology transfer, investment promotion and international market connection" was created by the Vietnam Climate Innovation Center (VCIC) and "Nong thon Viet" Magazine.

The VCIC Connect program "Technology transfer, investment promotion and international market connection" aims to assist Vietnamese businesses to connect with global value chains to find strategic partners in technology, finance and trade.

VCIC PMU Director Pham Duc Nghiem speaks at the Workshop

Speaking at the program, VCIC PMU Director Pham Duc Nghiem said that Vietnam in recent years participated in many FTAs, especially CPTPP and EVFTA, helping open up many opportunities for cooperation and trade, technology transfer, international investment for businesses. In fact, thanks to these FTAs, Vietnam has gradually improved its domestic technology capacity as well as successfully transferred foreign advanced technologies and models into Vietnam. With such advantages, VCIC Connect was established with the goal of connecting businesses to access and connect with international partners on technology, trade and investment transfer, thereby seeking opportunities for integrating business cooperation, market development and investment attraction according to business demands.

“In fact, after more than a week of opening the registration gate, we found that the number of large enterprises registered is much higher than that of small and medium enterprises. This proves that the need to promote domestic production and reach out to the international market is an essential demand of all types of enterprises in Vietnam, ”said Mr. Nghiem.

Joining VCIC Connect, Vietnamese enterprises wishing to receive technology or connect investment with foreign partners will be supported to build a product offering of international standards under the advice of VCIC experts. Businesses will be trained to persuade investors as well as skills to negotiate technology transfer contracts. Moreover, all costs of participating in the program, including travel costs, visits and working with investment funds, technology corporations and foreign partners will be funded by VCIC. If businesses have products that meet their partners' demands, VCIC will also assist in connecting and negotiating with partners.

The VCIC Connect program focuses on five areas where Vietnam has great potential for development, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, water management and filtration, and information technology for the development of clean technology / climate change.

Mr. Nghiem said that during the pilot process, VCIC has succeeded in supporting capital connection with international partners, such as Ha Do Group in the field of investment in solar power and wind power. There are a number of businesses in the field of the environment that also bring their technology to the international market such as Trinh Nang High Technology Co., Ltd working on incineration technology and exporting incinerators to Australia.

“One of the technologies that businesses participating in our pilot program brought hydroelectricity, is technology that the world has never seen before. Technology generates huge amounts of electricity, creating high investment value. For example, solar power must invest 800,000 - 900,000 USD to produce 1 MW, wind power is about 2 million USD / MW, and this type of electricity only falls between 200,000 - 250,000 USD / MG with almost equal cost nearly zero. If successfully, this electricity could be exported around the world. ”

“In other words, we not only bring Vietnamese businesses to find foreign partners to transfer technology. We will bring Vietnamese technologies to sell abroad. And of course Vietnamese technologies when transferred abroad will be protected by us, ”Mr. Nghiem shared.

According to the director of VCIC PMU, joining VCIC Connect, businesses will also be updated on the world's technology to avoid repeating the development of existing technologies in the world as well as finding the latest technology through the warehouse database that VCIC was supported by the World Bank.

Currently, VCIC Connect selects businesses according to three main groups. One is the technology transfer group, which includes businesses wishing to find new and high technologies to serve the development strategy and have enough resources for developing new technologies. The other is the investment promotion group, consisting of those who want to find investment partners and have pre-feasible projects. Finally, the group connecting the international market, including enterprises with products with development potential, expanding into the international market.

VCIC expert presented about VCIC Connect

VCIC Connect prioritizes support for small and medium-sized businesses, Vietnamese startups that own potential technologies or products, or have investment projects that require capital or seek foreign high technology to develop in Vietnam. In the first phase of implementation, in 2020, VCIC Connect focuses on two potential markets, Australia and South Korea, which are countries with strong technological advantages and close economic cooperation with Vietnam through the free trade agreements. For Korea, apart from the existing strengths of high technology and heavy industry, the country is promoting the development of high technology industries such as new materials, energy efficient, green-clean technology. Meanwhile, Australia possesses outstanding strengths in the fields of energy, agriculture and manufacturing.

Regarding VCIC, during the past 5 years of operation, the center has built partnerships with foreign trade promotion organizations and associations such as Korea Technology Commercialization Association, Taiwan Association of Mechanical Enterprises (China), Australian Technology Business Association, Dutch High-tech Agricultural Association ... and many other prestigious investment funds and technology corporations.

On the other hand, VCIC has a team of Vietnamese and international experts accompanying businesses from legal advice, completing documents, negotiating plans to persuade foreign partners as well as evaluation and appraisal of technology determination for businesses. According to Mr. Nghiem, this is the first and most difficult barrier for businesses to reach foreign partners. "Enterprises with good projects, good products, good technology but without the above factors, it is also difficult to find partners," said Mr. Nghiem.

With this team of experts, businesses will avoid the transfer of old technology, backward and harmful to the environment. “Vietnamese businesses are not well equipped with negotiation skills, which leads to be not beneficial for themselves and often oppressed by partners. Moreover, in the process of investing in Vietnam, many foreign businesses bring backward technology to surf, quickly gain profits without regard to the environment. It is not unsustainable investment. With the advice of VCIC Connect's experts, businesses can choose high-tech, long-life and longer-life cycles to create projects that are sustainable and profitable without harming environment".

Delegates take photos at the Workshop