On March 23rd, 2017, at Pan Pacific, Hanoi held the seminar "Innovation in Agriculture". This was a component of the ASEAN + 6 about Regional Conference on Food Security: "Working together to build a food safety future" holding in two days by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs to make the challenges of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into opportunities and transform global goals into concrete, clear, effective and cooperative actions. There were Senior representatives of governments, International organizations, Non-governmental organizations, Research institutes and the private sector attending this seminar.

At the seminar, as one of the four key speakers of the event, Mr. Amarnath Reddy, CEO of Vietnam Climate Innovation Center (VCIC), expressed his deep gratitude for Organizing Committee for creating an open and friendly atmosphere for participants to share, discuss and inspire by presenting ideas and examples in the agriculture. In his introduction to VCIC, he emphasized the importance of environmental factors in the food industry, a factor not to be missed in the business development process. Addressing environmental issues in the food sector is one of VCIC's important tasks, and VCIC has been assisting businesses to develop high-tech solutions with low-cost in clean technology field. Regarding the goals of VCIC, Mr. Reddy expressed that VCIC VCIC strives to find and develop ideas and successful models in Vietnam in agriculture and other food-related fields for other businesses following. In addition, he emphasized that in addition to focus on developing clean technology solutions, the VCIC project will simultaneously promote entrepreneurship, creativity and cooperation in sustainable development.

Mr. Amarnath Reddy - CEO of VCIC gave a speech at the seminar

The seminar ended with the satisfaction of attendees when creative ideas and solutions were exchanged and discussed to open up opportunities of cooperation for organizations and businesses attending.