General Information:
Name of investor: Project Management Board of Technical Assistance "Vietnam Climate Innovation Center - VCIC"
- Address: The 8th floor, Hoang Sam Building, 260 - 262 Ba Trieu street, Le Dai Hanh, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
- Phone: 024. 38533333

A. Main contents of results of selecting contractors
1. Package name: Consulting assessment between the period of project
2. Form of selecting contractor: Individual consultant (IC)
3. Bidding package price:  136,050,000 VND
4. Consultants who have submitted documents:
i. Mr. Bui Tuan Nha
ii. Ms. Tran Thi Thu Thuy
iii. Ms. Phung Thi Yen
5. Bidding price:   136,050,000 VND
6. Bidder selection:  Ms. Phung Thi Yen
7. Contract form: Package contract
8. Contract performance period: 2 months from the date of signing the contract.

B. Main jobs of the bidding package

Assessing the progress, performance of VCIC, the achieved results of the project based on the following criteria: suitability, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and influence. From there, analyze the lessons and make practical recommendations to timely adjust and improve the effectiveness of the project.