On the Dec 6th, 2017, at VCIC office, Vietnam Climate Innovation Center’s PMU and National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development (NATEC)’s delegates welcomed World Bank’s Mission, exchanging information and opinions related to entrepreneurship ecosystem in Vietnam.

The World Bank Mission included Ms. Asya Akhlaque (Acting Practice Manager/Lead Economist, Trade and Competitiveness), Mr. Brian Mtonya (Senior Economist), Ms. Anne Lopez (Consultant); and Ms. Pham Lien Anh - Senior Private Sector Specialist. From NATEC, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Lan participated in the meeting.

*Overview of the meeting. Photo: VCIC

Opening the meeting, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Lan and Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tien introduced NATEC and VCIC’s key activities for market development and S&T business acceleration, including policies issuance and supporting programs. They also shared difficulties related to the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Vietnam such as lacking of uniformed legal document system and legal frameworks on venture investment and activities to promote investment for start-ups; weak linkage between universities, institutes and business; few private supporting units...

World Bank Mission Delegates in the meeting. Photo: VCIC

The World Bank’s Mission considered these information very important for them to design their research on the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Vietnam as VCIC and NATECH have had great experience and have conducted various activities for supporting starts-up and S&T enterprises as well as developing S&T market. Therefore, Ms. Asya Akhlaque stated that VCIC was a key stakeholder for the study’s advice and data collecting process.

The delegates also had friendly and in-depth discussion on potential reseach areas, such as smart agriculture and IT. Furthermore, VCIC PMU director proposed some measures to handle existing obstacles such as: intensifying the commercialization of ideas from universities by linking training institutions to the private sector; encouraging the private sector to establish innovative support units; piloting policy model based on global practices and developed countries’ implementation experiences; and developing a public-private partnership model to support the development of the Vietnam start – up ecosystem.

*Representatives of VCIC, NATEC and The World Bank took picture at VCIC’s office. Photo: VCIC.