Vietnam Climate Innovation Center (VCIC) in collaboration with a number of Australian partners such as CPG Research & Advisory Company and Rivergold Capital held a Workshop "Technology Transfer and Investment Connection of Vietnam - Australia " in Hanoi. After the workshop, many businesses had access to information on technology, attractive technology transfer following the 2-way investment model.

The workshop aims to provide Vietnamese businesses with opportunities to exchange, transfer technology and corporate investment in Vietnam - Australia following two-way economic relations in the fields of manufacturing, energy and real estate, renewable energy (solar energy, wind energy ...), clean water and clean water treatment, oil industry, agriculture and other fields.

Many new technologies and forms of investment are introduced.


At the seminar, many technology projects were introduced such as: using blockchain technology to manage cow raising processes from birth to the time when products are distributed in the market, using unmanned aircraft technology, Groundwater desalination and filtration technology, advanced emission filtration technology. According to Australian experts, the investment rate and profit rate of the projects averaged from 15 % - 45%; the lowest is 5%, the highest is more than 100%.

Mr. David Cole - CEO of Flyfreely, considered as "Uber in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles", introduced a comprehensive management solution for drones. Flyfreely has successfully developed its management platform and applications in the fields of geography, defense, agriculture, infrastructure, surveying, mapping, identifying damage after  disaster, transportation, etc.

Mr. David Cole said, Flyfreely wants to call for investment from Vietnam about 1 million USD with the expected profit rate of this startup is 20% / year, but expected growth will be about 400-500% within 2 - 3 years.

Regarding investment form, Mr. Kim Walker, Director of Australim Ventures Investment Fund introduced and shared about Australim Ventures's unique Australian investment model which allows investors to select investment projects based on demands and capabilities while still receiving the benefits  from Australim Ventures. With this form, investors will have more options than traditional investment methods through venture capital funds.

Government policy to attract venture capital


Also at the workshop, Australian experts said that Australian Government's policies on attracting investment into Australia were also very attractive. Specifically, with an investment policy of 1-1, when an investor makes investments of 1 million AUD or more, the Government will invest in proportion to the amount of capital invested by the enterprise. As the business grows, the Government regains AUD 1 million without taking the capital gain. In addition, Australia's tax policy also allows tax exemption of capital gain and income tax refunds for additional increases. In addition, when investing in ventures worth over 1 million AUD, investors will have a permanent resident visa in Australia.

Two-way investment model

Realizing the potential of investment from Vietnam - Australia, VCIC and its partners have introduced a two-way investment model, with specific benefits when Vietnamese enterprises invest in Australia, including: receiving transfer technology in Vietnam and Australia invested back to Vietnam to expand production; Exclusive distribution to Vietnam market; Minimum investment (US $ 745,000) and high profit rate (15% -45% / year); Get a permanent resident visa in Australia and enjoy other incentives from the policy of the Australian Government.

After the workshop, Australia received detailed requests from businesses such as Ha Do Group, DDK Group, Bac Phuong Company, Minh Duong Group Joint Stock Company, etc as a basis for researching investment plans.

VCIC has a cooperation agreement with partners from Australia, so VCIC will create favorable conditions to promote accessing the market and investment opportunities and technology transfer in Australia for Vietnamese  businesses.