Continuing the activities in the training program Pre-incubation of the 3rd proof-of-concept contest with the theme "Women and the future of the green economy" Technical Assistance Project Management Board "Innovation Center" Vietnam creative response to climate change (VCIC) organized a seminar to share success between POC1, POC2 and POC3.
Speakers from POC1 and POC2 include Ms. Ha Phuong Thu - Project Manager of nano fertilizer project, Truong Xuan Agricoop Cooperative, Mr. Le Dinh Duan - Director of Microbiology and Environment JSC, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam - Director of Di Chung Joint Stock Company.
Participating in a seminar to share experiences between POC1 and POC2 businesses, students have the opportunity to ask questions and share and consult their startup ideas. The questions that the trainees posed were very real, such as: What are the difficulties for female entrepreneurs before, during and after a successful start-up? What are the difficulties and challenges to overcome when starting a business? What do you need to prepare to start a business? How to expand the size of the company.
With sincere sharing and close real stories, the entrepreneurs in POC1 and POC2 projects have helped POC3 students have a new perspective, a new approach in the process of starting a business as well as learning and cultivating. hone more skills in completing applications and contest products. From there, helping students have the opportunity to perfect their contest products to achieve the best effect.