To support the development of science and technology markets and enterprises through seeking, selecting potential projects and enterprises of Vietnam to promote international technology transfer, promote investment and connectivity. The Project Management Unit (PMU) “Vietnam Climate Innovation Center” (VCIC), with the support of the World Bank (WB) and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), organized the Workshop called VCIC CONNECT "Technology transfer, investment promotion and international market connection" in Hanoi on 1st June in the afternoon.

The whole workshop in panoramic view

International economic integration is the core issue, entrepreneurship is the key force

International integration is an indispensable trend today not only for Vietnam but also for every country in the world. International integration has always been a major and consistent policy of the Party and the State, since the 11th Congress, the Party has determined a comprehensive integration path.

Thanks to International Integration, the position of Vietnam has been increasingly enhanced. Vietnam is considered by many international organizations to be one of the most dynamic and fastest growing economies in the region as well as in the world. In 2019, the gross domestic product (GDP) achieved impressive results with an increase of 6.8%, the import and export turnover of goods exceeded $500 billion, the lowest inflation in the last 10 years with the index of approximately 2.79%. GDP per capita increased from $2,109 (in 2015) to $2587 (in 2018).

International integration helps promote Vietnam's international trade activities stronger, helping to increase import-export turnover, expanding and diversifying markets. Vietnam has trade relations with 200 countries and territories, is a member of the WTO, Vietnam has been recognized by 71 partners as a market economy and an increasing number of Made in Vietnam products are accepted by market in Europe, Japan and America. Vietnamese businesses and entrepreneurs step by step with friends in Europe.

To achieve those results, in the international integration of economy is the core issue, entrepreneurship is the leading force.

Vietnamese enterprises in integration have been facing many difficulties and challenges in accessing new opportunities: legal and linguistic barriers are the initial barriers, followed by difficulties in negotiation and selection of partners, development of cooperation plans and mechanisms, preparation of necessary conditions such as technology, people and financial resources for the cooperation process to take place to facilitate and guarantee the interests of the parties.

The question for private enterprises: How to make international integration successful?

To succeed in the integration process, it is necessary to change from the inside and not expect the impact from the outside. Each Vietnamese business that wants to succeed in connecting the international market itself must have a very good development and competitive strategy, especially need to improve the capacity of key staff, never stop improving and innovating technologies to improve product quality to meet the more stringent requirements of the international market. At the same time, businesses also need to constantly learn, research partners to know what they need and want before meeting, connecting and negotiating.

VCIC and VCIC CONNECT with the role of international integration

VCIC, for its role, has organized many activities in recent years to help businesses improve their competitiveness, especially their competitiveness in science and technology as well as create opportunities for businesses to access international partners, in the recent years, VCIC has carried out a lot of activities such as: i) organizing a series of “Technology and finance” seminars in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang to connect new generation technologies and cheap fund sources for Vietnamese solar power projects; ii) supporting successful fundraising for 7 startups with a total investment of over 100 billion VND and nearly 30 billion VND in funding from domestic and international support programs; iii) through VTEX technology trading floor and international technology fairs in Vietnam such as GROWTECH, ICTCOMM, which is held annually VCIC has connected and successfully transferred many advanced technologies to Vietnamese enterprises in the field of ICT and Agriculture, Fisheries ... and iv) VCIC have built partnerships with foreign trade promotion organizations and associations such as Korea Technology Commercialization Association, Taiwan mechanical enterprises, Australian Technology Business, Dutch High-tech Agricultural Association, ... and many other prestigious technology group investment funds.

In 2020, VCIC together with "Vietnam - Korea Business and Investment Association, FGC (Australia), the Global Public Investment, Investment and Trade Association (Australia), Hanoi SMEs Association Group, Minh Hang Group, Vietnam Rural Magazine and a number of international partners jointly launch a program to connect Vietnamese businesses with the international market - VCIC CONNECT “Technology transfer, investment promotion and international market connection”.


VCIC Director Pham Duc Nghiem gave opening speech

VCIC CONNECT aims to support Vietnamese businesses to connect with global value chains to find strategic partners in technology, finance and trade. Through VCIC CONNECT, businesses seek opportunities for business cooperation, market development and investment attraction according to their demands.

VCIC expert introduces the program

Speaking at the VCIC CONNECT Workshop, Manager of the Project Management Unit “Vietnam Climate Innovation Center” Pham Duc Nghiem said, “Through this program, we expect to select projects of enterprises with 3 main groups: Technology transfer; Connecting investment and promoting international market. The target of the program is that each connecting group will sign at least each group of 2 cooperative agreements between Vietnamese enterprises and international partners. Successful implementation of the program will help unlock the potential of Vietnamese businesses, attract cheap capital flows, boost export-oriented economy, enhance technological competitiveness and contribute to the recovery process and Socio-economic development is in a new normal state”.

Participating in the program, these businesses will be consulted to support the construction of documents, the project proposal, assistance in finding partners, assistance in the negotiation and negotiation process, as well as funding for participation in connecting families with international partners.

In the framework of the seminar, at the discussion session with the topic "The demands, opportunities and challenges of Vietnamese enterprises when participating in connecting with the international market in the current context", the speakers exchanged on the need for development, technology transfer, business cooperation, investment and trade of Vietnamese enterprises with markets of developed countries such as Korea, Japan, EU, USA, Australia, Canada in the new phase of international integration as well as a number of key difficulties such as the lack of skills to build international standard greetings, not understanding the law and the profession to implement cooperation agreements.

Discussion session with experts on business demands

According to the delegates, in order to promote investment and technology transfer, we need to make more efforts in creating a simple legal environment and easy administrative procedures for enterprises; adopt preferential support policies for businesses operating in the field of green technology, information technology on climate change response and renewable energy…

Mr. Mac Quoc Anh - Vice Chairman cum General Secretary of Hanoi Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) said “Currently, Hanoi market has about 97% of small and medium enterprises, and the current situation of enterprises are very difficult and the need to find partners is very urgent. Here, the role of supporting organizations such as the Project Management Unit “Vietnam Climate Innovation Center” is very important, especially in finding, screening and selecting the international partners, promoting the establishment of a new global linkage between Vietnamese businesses and international partners and using the Association's strength as intra-regional trade”.

Currently, Small and Medium Enterprises in Hanoi are divided into 3 groups: Large enterprises such as TNT, Hoa Phat, Van Phu ...., SMEs. We are encouraging large businesses to use their products and services supported by Small and Medium Enterprises as members of the association to add value, strengthen sustainable links.

“In the field of Science and Technology that Korea currently has some of the world's No. 1, we hope that in 2020, with the cooperation of the Project Management Unit “Vietnam Climate Innovation Center” and Vietnam - Korea Business & Investment Association, there will be more thorough and strong activities to promote business support effectively. ” - Mr. Tran Hai Linh - Member of the Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front, Chairman of Vietnam - Korea Business & Investment Association (VKBIA) shared”.

Mr. Tran Hai Linh added: Vietnamese enterprises have many opportunities to benefit from macroeconomic stability. The government operates the economy very well in the context of complicated world economy.

Businesses discussed the need for cooperation in the seminar

In particular, the Covid-19 epidemic caused economic forecasts for many countries to develop negative growth. The Vietnamese government is still aiming for a growth of about 5% and in fact we grew by 3.82% in the first quarter of 2020 while China and the US all grew by 6.8% and 4.8% respectively. The economy is growing despite the epidemic and good control of the Covid-19 epidemic brings many opportunities for Vietnamese businesses in international trade and investment connections.

Secondly, not only the Government, but also localities have many preferential policies to promote trade promotion and investment promotion activities with multinational enterprises and corporations of global scale. Vietnamese businesses in each locality benefit from this attraction policy. For example, in the locality, industrial real estate enterprises will benefit from the wave of foreign direct investment into Vietnam to take advantage of tax incentives from trade agreements.

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