Outstanding ideas on climate change have officially been revealed !!!

Passing the first round of "Proof of concept" competition, VCIC has received hundreds of creative ideas proposals from all regions of the country. This year, with 5 focus areas: (1) Efficient Energy; (2) Sustainable agriculture; (3) IT; (4) Renewable energy technology; (5) Managing and filtering water, combined with other fields related to climate change, VCIC has received so many innovative, diverse and potential project proposals from individuals, domestic and foreign enterprises and organizations, promising to bring breakthrough innovations to create positive impacts on the environment, society and economy, contributing to the reduction and application of dealing with climate change. In order to have the success, VCIC would like to express our sincere thanks to all individuals, businesses, organizations who have expressed their interest, sent proposals as well as individuals, organizations and sponsors have accompanied and supported VCIC throughout the course of the competition so far as well as the upcoming stages.

After the review process, meticulously evaluated and carefully selected by experts, VCIC is pleased to announce the official list of candidates who have passed the preliminary round and are eligible to participate in the training course "Pre-incubation" organized by VCIC from June 12 to 17, 2017 below. You can also download the main list here.