Hanoi, May 24, 2020, in the context of the newly established normal state and the development demands of businesses are more urgent than ever, the PMU of Vietnam Climate Innovation Center (VCIC) kick-started online training course on branding, raising capital and pitching for innovatives startups that won awards from the Startup Entrepreneurship Competition - Women and the future of green economy (POC3). The training course is designed with 03 days of training and 8 days of coaching to ensure that participants receive maximum support from lecturers to obtain products that can help solve problems directly of branding and raising capital for businesses.

Attending the training course, participants will be provided with in-depth knowledge of the brand, the process of building and managing brands, how to build strategies and plans to raise capital for businesses, how to develop and build capital profile, approach to funding, how to present ideas to investors (pitching). At the end of the training, participants can build the Pitching Video (video presentation of ideas / products by themselves); Pitch Deck (idea / product presentation); branding strategies and plans; Calling strategies and plans. All of these products are supported to build and complete through coaching with experts.

POC3 participants in online learning

Opening the training course is Brand Building with 03 topics: Brand and role of brand; Characteristics of the brand; The process of building and brand management. Next is Fund Raising with 05 topics: Overview of fundraising and ways to raise capital; Capital raising rounds; Investor issues; Sharing sources of capital mobilization in the field of green growth; How to set up a fundraising document and guide how to access capital. Finally, Pitching with 03 topics: Building a perfect Pitching presentation; Pitching process, Pitch Deck and rules when presenting to investors (instructions included with the forms); Pitching know-how and experience before investors and venture capital funds.

Lecturers of the training course are leading experts in the field, including Mr. Thomas G. Giglione - senior expert of European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, in charge of Legal and Training Committee, Founder International Training Academy (Global Education Academy); Dr. Ngo Tho Hung - Expert of green innovation for Kisstartup.jsc; Dr. Hoang Tuan Dung - Branding expert and speaker.

The training course is part of the innovative start-up program in the field of climate change adaptation designed by VCIC for businesses in 5 areas of Renewable Energy; Effect energy; Sustainable agriculture; Water resources management and water treatment and Information Technology related to climate change response.

Lecturers of the training course