[ICT COMM 2018] VIETNAM TECHNOLOGY EVENT - EMI BUSINESS MODEL WORKSHOPSự kiện ICTCOMM 2018 do Bộ Khoa học và Công nghệ tổ chức là sự kiện về CNTT lớn nhất Việt Nam 2018 tổ chức tại Trung tâm triển lãm SAIGON với quy mô 2 ngày thu hút 10K lượt tham dự và 04 Workshop diễn ra liên tục trong 2 ngày.

ICT COMM 2018, organized by MOST is the biggest ICT event in Vietnam, hosted at SECC (Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center) within 2 days, attracted more than 10.000 entries with 4 workshops.

Below workshop is a part of ICT COMM 2018: "Linking technology intermediaries and commercializing research products with smart connectors - New developments in Era 4.0"

Target attendees: Incubators, co-working space, Startups, scientist, investors, investment funds, startup-support relevent stakeholders.

LEAD: Vice Minister of Science and Technology Tran Van Tung

Speakers and presentations:

1. EMI Model - New business model that can not fail - Mr. Nguyễn Hữu Thái Hòa - Former Strategy Director of FPT, VNPT, VNDIRECT

This is a business model that can not fail and will be popular in the next 10 years globally. Of course, the slide can only show 10%, but it will open up to those who are very intelligent new things

Link to presentation slide:https://issuu.com/tuanha/docs/emi_business_model

2. Big Data 4.0 Automatic data processing - Mr. Tuấn Hà Ceo Vinalink

3. Seminar : Mr. Vũ Hoàng Liên - Vietnam Internet Association Chairman, Mr. Nguyễn Hữu Thái Hòa, Mr. Tuấn Hà

More detail about ICTCOMM 2018 https://ictcomm.vn/

If you are in Hanoi you can register at the following link:


Attendee: : HCM : Free 100 seats (Fully free)
Atendee : Hanoi : Free 100 seats (pay for drinks)

More detail at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ictcomm-2018-su-kien-cong-nghe-viet-nam-hoi-thao-ve-mo-hinh-emi-tickets-46466903760?utm-medium=discovery&utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&aff=esfb&utm-source=fb&utm-term=listing