On the occasion of the International Women's Day, the European Commission launched a program calling for a proposal: "Women and Sustainable Energy" with a grant of 20 million Euro to implement activities to promote the roles of women in business activities in sustainable energy field in developing countries.

This call for proposals is based on the potential of increasing access to sustainable energy as well as the past and current efforts to address the imbalances of gender that women had to face in accessing resources, including energy.

Energy and gender equality are considered as the main driving forces for economic growth and development. Women's economic empowerment is one of the four pillars of the EU Gender Action Plan. Promoting the role of women in business activities is considered as an important factor contributing to the growth, prosperity and poverty reduction of each country and the whole world, while creating positive impacts on families and children, health and nutrition, the community and the national economy as a whole. Combining the energy sector with gender equality will also contribute to the 5th and 7th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 5: Achieve gender equality and empower for all women and girls; SDG 7: Ensuring that everyone has access to cheap, reliable, sustainable and modern energy).

The main objective of this proposal is to create employment and business opportunities for women in developing countries and to improve women's capacity through training and developing skills to work in sustainable energy field. Advocacy and raising the awareness on gender issues as well as sustainable energy are also important goals of this program.

For detailed instructions for the applicant as well as information about this program, please visit this address for more details.