After more than a year of accompanying VCIC, POC1 businesses have achieved many typical achievements such as helping more than 100,000 households benefit, cutting more than 133,000 tons of CO2, increasing more than 1 million USD in revenue, creating more than 1 million USD in revenue. create 750 direct jobs, of which 329 are for women.

Dr. Vo Thi Hanh - Director of Phuong Nam Biological Co., Ltd

To achieve these results, it is impossible not to mention the contribution of "scientific entrepreneurs" who are trying their best to popularize their scientific ideas and products on the market. With the support of VCIC, Dr. Vo Thi Hanh - Director of Phuong Nam Biological Co., Ltd. and her team have gradually overcome business challenges and made important strides in the process of turning startup ideas into innovative products. bring a lot of value to businesses and society as a whole

The production process of medicinal products

Phuong Nam Biological Co., Ltd (Bio Phuong Nam) under the leadership of Dr. Vo Thi Hanh was founded in 2008, researches and launches probiotics to reduce feed consumption by taking advantage of alcohol wort and wastewater after alcohol distillation. With a development team who are all scientists and do not have much experience in business and calling for capital, the company still faces many difficulties such as ineffective product marketing, slow customer growth. , the output is not enough to ensure production. In 2016, Bio Phuong Nam participated in the 1st Proving Idea Contest and excellently became one of 18 businesses that received financial support and consulting services from VCIC. With practical support activities, Bio Phuong Nam deploys the procurement of microbiological research equipment and produces test products to introduce to large and small factories throughout the Mekong Delta, at the same time. training market research skills, business for employees. After a year with the companionship of VCIC, Bio Phuong Nam has achieved very proud results such as: the output of probiotics sold per month is 5-6 tons, supplied to business hubs in the area. provinces in the Mekong Delta, creating 5 new jobs directly at the company, and by the end of 2017 the revenue of the business increased by about 10%.

Bioproducts production process