Micro Technology and Environment JSC

Microbial Technology and Environment JSC is a unit founded by scientific researchers in accordance with the demand of applying science into real life production and market creation for science and technology products, especially in the field of sustainable agriculture and biotechnology. Some of the outstanding technical facilities and achievements:

- Standard EMIC production line with total microorganism quality of > 108CFU/g, increasing capacity from 5 to 20 tons/month.

- E-commerce solution (commercial website, sales software etc.) 

- An effective pilot model, replicable up to 20 +/- agents, in ~ 20 provinces with high agricultural output.

- The initially completed business model every year can help farmers handle about 600 thousand tons of agricultural waste by-products to produce 300 thousand tons of microorganic compost; reduce the effect of 780 thousand tons of CO2 and 64 thousand tons of CO by not burning agricultural waste by-products

Website: http://congnghevisinh.com/