Lam An Investment., JSC

Fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas, etc.) in Vietnam are increasingly depleted and affected by the world's energy situation, so biomass energy is considered to be a comprehensive solution and strategy in this era. From raw materials that are familiar with the farmers are rice husk, sawdust, ...; With a mission to bring green, clean and safe materials that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, combating climate change, ensuring national energy security and sustainable development for the community, Lam An has creates clean stove and green materials, which are environment and health friendly by making use of agricultural byproducts economically and effectively.

Currently, products of husk firewood, an alternate for coal burning, are increasingly become popular in provinces and cities in the South of Vietnam. In the Northern province, Lam An was the first enterprise to successfully produce pressed husk firewood. Products provided by Lam An such as pressed husk firewood, sawdust firewood, sawdust pellets, clean coal, etc. are very suitable for civil use as well as industrial production. In addition, Lam An has upgraded traditional stoves to produce innovative, safe, energy-efficient stoves, replacing traditional stoves and charcoal stoves.

Currently, Lam An produces husk and sawdust firewood for factories and factories to obtain heat for industrial boilers instead coal, oil and gas. The heat emission is equivalent to coal, while the price is 30% - 40% lower than coal. Lam An is a reliable supplier with the desire to improve homeland and living environment, and is always supported and trusted by state agencies, mass media and local citizens.