Ho Hoan Cau Co., LTD

Line of automatic adobe brick molding machines of Ho Hoan Cau takes advantage of substandard products from construction stone exploitation, suitable for the majority of people nationwide, creating construction material business opportunities, gradually replacing manually burnt brickyards which are causing pollution.

Some outstanding and innovative features of this line of machines include:

  • Automatic line of machines, with high capacity line to meet the quality requirements of big constructions and and small capacity suitable for the demand of most local citizens.
  • Capacity of the line of machine reaches 6000 bricks/shift in 2011, 6500 bricks/shift in 2012, 7000 brick/shift in 2013.
  • Engines used for brick molding machines are exploited from old engines, ordered in batches from Viet Hung Electromechanical Enterprise or Hanoi Electromechanical Engine.