The purpose of VCIC’s Proof of Concept competition ("PoC") is to support innovators and entrepreneurs to develop innovative ideas into completed and commercially viable products, technologies or business services. Each and every application is very important in reaching this objective. The aim of the PoC is to identify 15 to 20 applicants as the second cohort of companies admitted to the VCIC that will receive a suite of incubation services to support the development of their technologies. Selected companies may also become eligible for grant funding of up to USD 75,000 to develop, launch and/or scale their products or services, together with a comprehensive incubation service package including training, coaching, mentoring, networking, etc.
The objective of the PoC is to seek commercially viable products/technologies or services for climate change mitigation or adaptation (E.g: Energy saving technologies/devices, water filtering devices, waste disposal technologies, or applied softwares for smart traffic to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, etc.)
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Sustainable agriculture;
  • Water management and purification;
  • Renewable technologies;
  • IT;
  • Other climate-related technology.
The Vietnam Climate Innovation Center (VCIC) is organizing the event with support from the World Bank Group.