Dichung., JSC

The cost of traffic congestion in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city has reached 30,000 billion USD. Vietnam is also one of 10 countries with low-quality air where public health is most affected and is among countries most negatively influenced by climate change.

Car pool solution is popular means of transport in European and North American countries. In Vietnam, taking advantage of new technologies (mobile apps, digital map, social networks,...), Di Chung, in cooperation with professional transportation service brands in taxi, car renting,..., has developed IT - based car pool solution on online and mobile platforms that fits the consumerism as well as infrastructure and facilities of Vietnam,

Car pool solution helps traffic participants save their costs, get access to transport services, simultaneously reduce the number of vehicles circulating on roads and protect the environment. It can be applied to milions of customers with low price and is aimed at buiding a new culture of travelling with zero impact transportation.

Website: http://dichung.vn/