Business Envoy is a bi-monthly online publication that connects DFAT with business. It provides Australian business with a direct line to the Australian Government’s global diplomatic network, offering perspectives and insights on the economic and market impacts of geopolitical events and trends. Business Envoy draws on reporting and advice from Australian embassies and high commissions in key trade and investment markets, as well as analysis and assessments on international issues from DFAT in Canberra.

This March, Vietnam is the theme for the monthly issue of DFAT’s Business Envoy publication. The issue will focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, highlighting people-to-people links between Vietnam and Australia, and new and emerging business opportunities.

This issue of DFAT’s Business Envoy features Phuong Nam Biology, a private company established by Dr. Vo Thi Hanh and her colleagues from the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology with their latest research on the biological treatment of waste water pollutant from ethanol to produce microbial fertilisers that reduce chemical usage and probiotics for animals and aquaculture, improving their feed conversion. This research is proudly supported by Australian-funded Vietnam Climate Innovation Center in order to address climate change by developing a commercially viable model for treating waste water without using chemicals or energy.

The Business Envoy can be accessed from the link below:

Business Envoy, Mar 2017