Centre for Precision Agriculture iMetos Vietnam

The Mekong Delta is one of the 5 river deltas most severely affected by natural disasters and climate change. Facing this situation, Centre for Precision Agriculture iMetos Vietnam has developed the Automatic climate weather station of iMetos technology, a solution to adapt to climate change, developing sustainable agriculture.  The climate weather station is constructed for uses in argriculture and urban community, actively adapting to climate change and migitating regional natural disasters. On that basis, iMetos also researchs and constructs cultivation supervision procedures, process of agricultural crop weather forecast broadcast and other smart apps. 

Notable achievements of iMetos centre include:

  • 01 Weather Station - Land Environment iMetos 3.3 AG, 01 Electromagnetic insect warning station iTrap, 01 Field Camera Station CropView, 01 automatic quick NPK analyzer, 01 Automated control equipment for irrigation water quality Libelium-Span
  • Constructing software and automatic warning process of pests on fruit and vegetable.
  • Constructing cultivation supervisionprocedures, compliant with VietGap processes
  • Constructing process of agricultural crop weather forecast broadcast via mobile phone message SMS

Website: http://thoitietnhanong.vn/