About VCIC

A member of the global CIC network, with a new business model combining incubators and accelerators, as well as holding: (1) regular domestic and foreign experts at the office; (2) database of science and technology companies, patents, investment funds, angel investors; (3) network of national support agencies and laboratories; (4) Shared work space; (5) Financial support for innovative enterprises, VCIC fully qualifies to create the best environment to start a business in Vietnam.


Our mission is to support Vietnamese businesses, entrepreneurs and startups with incubation, commercialization, acceleration, financial, market access, networking and policy advocacy services that scale up technological innovations and new business models to commercially address the challenges of climate change adaptation & mitigation..


VCIC is established and effectively operated to support entrepreneurs and SMEs on developing technological solutions and enhancing business activities in the field of green growth


To be Vietnam’s leader in stimulating the growth of clean-tech products & services by leveraging the innovative skills and resources of the private sector, the governments at all levels and relevant stakeholders.

Highlights of VCIC


Number of Green technologies installed


Tons of CO2 are reduced


MHW Clean energy are created


Household access to new tech & services


Number of sub-grant projects


Solar projects in Vietnam


Additional sales revenue for targeted firms (USD)


Jobs created


Adapting to Climate Change with VCIC s supportplay
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A member of the global CIC network, with a new business model that combines incubators and accelerators