To implement National Green Growth Strategy according to Decision No 1393/QĐ-TTg by  Prime Minister of Viet Nam, VCIC, sponsored by World Bank (WB) from the fund of Australia government and the Department for International Development (DFID) under the management of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), and being operated by Project Management Unit (PMU) of VCIC will support climate innovation entrepreneurs from the stage of incubation to commercialization, international market approach, to turn climate challenges into green growth and sustainable development opportunities.

Being a member of global CIC network, with new business model which combined of incubator and accelerator, as well as holding: (1) regular domestic and foreign experts at office; (2) database of science and technology companies, patents, investment funds, angel investors; (3) network of support units and national standard laboratories; (4) Co-working space; (5) Finance supports for innovation enterprises, VCIC is fully eligible to create the best environment for the development of start-ups in Viet Nam.

Come to VCIC, Start-ups not only receive expertise support such as consulting services of  product completion, trade promotion, capital accessibility, risk management,… and finance support but also have more opportunities to bring their company values to public and societies through mitigating and adapting the impacts of climate changes on citizen’s lives as well as national ecosystems.


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About VCIC


Become the Vietnam’s leader in promoting the development of Green technology products and services by taking advantage of creative skills and resources of the private sector, authorities at all levels and stakeholders.


VCIC was established and operated effectively to support entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises in developing technical solutions and strengthening business activities in the field of green growth.


Connect technology, markets and finance for individuals and organizations in the field of innovation and response to climate change, contributing to promoting Green Growth.

Highlights of VCIC


Number of green technologies supported


CO2 emissions avoided (tons)


Additional clean energy supported (Mwh)


Number of households with access to new/improved products/services


Amount of early stage finance raised by businesses (USD)


Support for more than 20 Solar Projects in Vietnam with typical projects


Investment funds (connected)


Technology group (connected)


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