The aim of the 2nd PoC competition is to identify the successful applicants who may become eligible for grant funding and direct supports from the Vietnam CIC to develop, launch and/or scale a product or service. The grant funding amount per successful applicant is up to $75.000. The successful applicants may also become eligible for entrance into the Climate Innovation Center program and access a full range of advisory, partnership and support services, and follow-on funding.

The 2nd PoC competition theme is climate change mitigation and / or adaptation related product or service. The first step is for applicants to submit proposals (by completing the 2nd PoC competition application form) for an innovative product, service, or business model in one of the following categories :

Further information on the training course to complete the concept note into full proposal will be provided to the successful applicants once the judging process has been finalized.

Following the bootcamp, successful applicants will have access to mentors to field their queries and assist them with the finalization of their business case. The finalized business case will be submitted to the Vietnam CIC for their assessment and review. The Vietnam CIC will then communicate their decision to the successful applicants re PoC grant funding, access to the Vietnam CIC program and its full range of advisory services and the opportunity for successful applicants to showcase their innovative concepts at the official Vietnam CIC launch and related media events.

Prospective Applicant can download the PoC concept note here

Find out more about 2nd PoC from Application Pack below: